If you’re the type of person who likes to be in charge, you may have dreams of becoming a Mogul — that is, a powerful businessperson.


In our last moments, decades into our futures, how many of us will look back and say we accomplished that which our adolescent selves told us we would do? How many of us will become the success stories we saw on TV, the internet, and in movies? How many of us will change our family tree? How many will leave a lasting legacy that will forever be recognized for years to come?


In each and every one of us, there lives an unrelenting desire to unlock and fulfill our deepest and wildest ambitions. Our internal conquest to elevate our lives to the highest plateaus, only falters when we allow what we have come to rationalize as “reality” sets in. A wise man once said that the wealthiest place on earth is the graveyard, because it is where dreams, desires, and ambitions go to die.


The question then becomes, what compels us to allow these internal aspirations to become devoid of our efforts? There is no complex diagnoses or intricate autopsy required to unravel this conundrum. In fact, the thing that keeps us bound by our own conceivable reality, is the same thing that we were taught to face head-on as adolescents…FEAR.


As children, we were relentless, brave, adventurous, and some times downright reckless In our pursuits to defy what our lack of life has exposed to us as dangerous. If ever this theory is questioned, spend a week watching kids in their natural environment. For many, they are willing to defy the laws of nature, take uncalculated risks, live life on their terms behind the backs of supervision, and embrace the notion of failure and pain. As a result of those pains and failures, over the years we become so restrained in our actions that we lose that appetite for conquering the unknown. One of the greatest Moguls to ever live, Dale Carnegie, once said,


“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer FEAR, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy”


Being a Mogul isn’t just about how much wealth one acquires, or how many people one control. A Mogul is one who looks fear sternly in the eyes, stands firm on achievement, and squeezes every drop of success out of this life that we have. Fear will tell us to abort when we should engage. Fear will tell us that the pain isn’t worth the pleasure. That no matter how many times we try, we’re not good enough. It is only in the face of this fear that we can figure out why we were put on this earth. The time is never right to follow your heart. The only think that comes to a sleeper is a dream! Wake up. This is your life, live it on your terms. Have no regrets, and unlock the MOGUL in you!


Every week we will focus on tackling the issues that plague our internal abilities to fulfill our hearts deepest desires. We will unlock that inner child in all of us that once dreamed of a world without limitations. The goal is that after spending a Minute with a Mogul, we all begin to embody what it means to be powerful individuals in our own respective industries. As moguls, we will be able to introduce ourselves to our childhood versions, and stand proud that we achieved what we said we would do!


Motivated Overcomers Gradually Understanding Life