Hip-hop is a culture of misfits making art with their words, styles, and wardrobes. Hip-hop music is therapeutic and motivational, but its much more than just music. The Fab Five sporting baggy shorts and long black socks is considered hip-hop. The tattoos and braids that Allen Iverson made look so damn cool, that’s hip-hop.

I appreciate the many contributors of the culture that we consider hip-hop. We’ve gained a level of confidence listening to hip- hop music. We’ve gained insight about our past and roots thanks to Nas and Lauryn Hill. Kanye West showed that voicing our opinions on social issues is a human right. Big Sean allowed us to how see a skinny kid from Detroit could become a global sensation and remain humble. We've all seen the power that one hit song can possess. Dej Loaf and Tee Grizzley both used one song to change the fortunes of their families forever.

Hip-hop made me want to inspire the youth and become an entrepreneur. Hip-hop made me proud of being Black. Hip-hop made me respect women and recognize that I am a King. The music gets me through my rough days and taught me that anything is possible if you follow your dreams. It's safe to say that hip-hop changed and saved my life.

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