Double Or Nothing - Big Sean & Metro Boomin Free Concert


December 10 - Detroit, MI With the release of the joint venture between Big Sean & Metro Boomin, Double or Nothing, the two powerhouses created an epic musical collaboration. The two hip hop juggernauts fused the catchy, rhythmic production of Metro Boomin with the metaphoric, complex lyricism of Big Sean.

In an effort to push the envelope of creativity and drive listenership, the duo kicked off the album with a pop up free concert series. The first of the three city tour took place on December 10th at the Filmore in Big Sean's hometown of Detroit, MI.

The only requirement to attend the concert was to show up at the box office the day of the show with proof of purchase of the album or support on one of the digital streaming platforms. 2,800 tickets were set aside to pack out the venue. Longtime fans lined up outside as early as 9am for the noon release.

The doors opened at 7pm with eager fans rushing to get front row positions. Within 45 minutes, the venue was packed from wall to wall. Around 8:45pm, official DJ of Big Sean, Moe Beats took the stage with a mix medley of chart topping hits.

The show opened with performances from several acts including Snappdog and newly signed Rock-A-Fella artist Neisha Neshae. A little after 9:45pm Big Sean and Metro took the smoke filled stage accented by illuminated 313 and 314 signs, representing their hometowns.

Big Sean and Metro rocked the room with tracks of their past , coupled with an extensive combination of tracks from the new project. The duo is slated to do a few more free shows in the coming weeks.

Photography credit: Marty Watson (IG: @mvsaphotography) & Devon Watson (IG: @fmc_ace)