It's always fun to try a new face mask, find deals on make up, or style your hair differently, but what about creating your own lipstick? It seems like a tasking mission, but it is more simple than you would think.
Of course this process won't break the bank. It doesn't call for you to buy lipstick molds or special oils. All you need is eyeshadow and chapstick, plus a dish and a stirrer that you already have in your home! 

What You Need (for each lipstick):

•1 Eyeshadow Palette (one color per lipstick)
•1 Chapstick 
•1 Microwaveable Dish
•1 Toothpick or Other Stirrer (I used my    
    daughters spoon)
The best eyeshadow to use is one that you don't use too often. In my case I used a fake Kyshadow palette that I was never going to use. It always helps to have handy ways to utilize what generally seems like a useless product.
The steps to create this product are seamless as well. With only 4 steps, all together you can create your new hydrating lippie in no more than five minutes! It can’t get any easier. Read the steps below and get started on making your own homemade lipstick!


•Remove your chapstick from its container and place in your mixing glass.
•Scrape your shadow into your mixing glass.
•Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes or until smooth.
•Pour your new lip color into the original chapstick container.
**** Make sure to screw the chapstick down before pouring in the new color.****
The fun part about this DIY project is how much room there is for creativity. You can use and combine different colors, add glitter, or even a bit of essential oils to create and aromatic lipstick. There are no limits or ends to your creation. When thinking of what colors to match, consider adding a shimmery shade to a matte color that will blend well together. If you pick all matte shades, the color will come out flat, yet still moisturizing and bold.
Since it takes five minutes, make a couple and get creative with a new look for the summer! Think bright pinks or even pale yellows. This is a perfect way to save money, reuse old makeup, and get your summer started right.