FMC Magazine


FMC Magazine is structured to present a national opportunity for diverse entrepreneurs to interact and educate the readers on the products and services their business provides.  Its design & strategic entry selection will remind the community of the integrity and accountability of the human & professional connection in providing excellent services.


FMC Magazine is your one-stop information shop, specializing in product showcasing, consistent marketing and exclusive interviews. We offer effective exposure for Events | Indie Fashion Designers | Small Businesses | Celebrities | Photographers | Regional Artists & more by means of the most powerful and influential outlets in advertisement.



Our target demographic focuses on the metropolitan areas and surrounding cities across the country. Our target audience is culturally diverse, 18 to 50 years of age, 55% female – 45% male.  80% of our target audience is fashion lovers and entertainment enthusiasts.



The marketing campaign is scheduled for more than 20,000+ impressions based on the circulation, lists and traffic of our marketing channels which include partnerships with other advertising agencies such as radio, internet-radio, newspaper, ECT...  and by means of our website and print magazine.

FMC Magazine is free to the public and will be distributed via postal service and hand to hand at major concerts, high-traffic small businesses, and events.



With each issue of FMC Magazine, readers will get up close and personal with featured local & international promoters, artists, stylists, and others!  Readers will also have at their fingertips first-hand knowledge of the fashions, entertainment, and much more! FMC magazine will print bi-monthly and will highlight seasonal fashion and provide a scope for seasonal trends and entertainment. Each month we will redistribute the issue throughout the period.